For natural, sexual rejuvenation try the P or O shot

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What are the P-Shot and O-Shot?

The P-Shot for men and the O-shot for women are two types of platelet-rich plasma treatments that optimize sexual health and enjoyment.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is known for its rejuvenation effects; the treatment uses your own blood to release growth factors that help stimulate stem cells, collagen production, and ultimately tissue repair.

Many who suffer from decreased sexual pleasure notice significant sexual enhancement from the P-Shot and O-Shot.

What exactly does the P-Shot do?

The P-shot, short for priapus shot, helps to rejuvenate and enlarge the penis using platelet-derived growth factors in your own blood. The priapus shot stimulates tissue growth and new blood vessels to increase blood flow, resulting in an overall larger, stronger, and healthier organ.

Studies have shown that the P-Shot also increases pleasure and sensation in the penis. It can be used as a treatment for men that suffer erectile dysfunction

How long do effects from the P-Shot last?

The P-Shot treatment provides immediate results that can last up to 2 years. Many recipients choose to return for touch up treatments when they notice results wearing off.

What exactly does the O-Shot do?

The O-Shot, or orgasm shot, is a female genital injection that helps to rejuvenate the vagina through an injection of platelet-rich plasma into the clitoris and upper vagina as these are the most vital areas for sexual function and sexual performance in women.

The orgasm shot helps activate weakened stem cells to renew and revive vaginal tissue that contributes to women’s sexual response. This means overall increased clitoral stimulation and often, better vaginal orgasm.

The O-Shot can also be an effective treatment for urinary incontinence.

How long do effects from the O-Shot last?

The O-Shot has been shown to last up to three years in some women; many women maintain the benefits of their treatment by repeating it every 18 months.

What is the procedure for the P-Shot and the O-Shot?

Both sexual health treatments take about 60 minutes from start to finish.

They begin with a simple blood draw from the patient’s arm. The blood sample is then taken to a lab where it’s put into a centrifuge that will divide the blood platelets to create a high concentration of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Meanwhile, the practitioner will apply a numbing cream to the P-Shot or O-Shot patient’s treatment areas as well as a topical anesthetic for the surrounding area. 4-5 injections of the patients’ own PRP are administered in several minutes.

Recipients of the P-Shot are then given a penis pump to increase blood flow and ensure the PRP is working.

Patients receiving the O-shot have no further steps to take.

What are the side effects of the P-Shot and the O-shot?

Most recipients of either shot do not exhibit side effects post-treatment because the shot consists of their own blood. With that said, you should always consult with your doctor on the right treatment plan for you.

For natural, sexual rejuvenation try the P or O shot

Learn more and schedule an appointment by calling today!