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What is Medical Weight Loss?

At Madison Wellness and Aesthetic Center, the goal of medical weight loss is sustainable weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Medical weight loss refers to a customized, multi-faceted weight loss program designed for you by your medical professional that harmonizes medications, injections, herbals, specific diets, types of exercise, and behavioral modification techniques.

How does Medical Weight Loss work?

Your weight loss journey begins with an initial consultation, where your practitioner will review your current physical health, medical history/previous medical conditions, eating habits, and lifestyle. You and your specialist will go over your weight loss goals to develop a life-changing medical weight loss program with a tool kit that addresses:

Nutrition & Diet

We address overall nutrition by combining medical-grade supplements, herbals, natural injections such as fat-burning amino acids and vitamin B-12, and a healthy diet plan optimized for your body’s processes.


If a patient needs a prescription for weight loss medication we look at each patient individually to determine which medication is best for them. We also balance hormones if needed to help aid in weight loss and prescribe vitamin injections that can help assist the body on its journey to a healthy weight. Throughout your medical weight loss program, we’ll monitor which systems are in need of support and how they respond to the prescribed meds.


Sustaining and maintaining your weight happens by making healthy choices. We design an individualized exercise regimen to get you moving, and we work with you to develop behavior modification techniques that will impact your whole lifestyle.

Why choose Medical Weight Loss?

Being overweight significantly increases your chances of acquiring diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, gallstones, cancer and psycho-social disorders.

And for many, diet and exercise just don’t cut it–the weight loss process is commonly filled with plateaus that can seem random and uncontrollable. Research has shown that adding weight loss medications, injections and herbals to a diet and exercise regimen provides much better results.

We have the knowledge and experience to create a completely customized program that helps you choose the right medications and injections to overcome those hurdles, shift your behaviors, and achieve long term success.

Map out a route for your weight loss success

Schedule an appointment to get started!