Medical Mission

At Madison Wellness and Aesthetic Center we look at our patients as a whole and not just the symptom that is bothering them currently. Our mission is to guide our patients towards their best quality of life by helping them define and achieve their healthcare goals with an integrative approach. Our practitioners are professionals at balancing the best of both worlds, using functional medicine to promote your body’s natural healing, and supplementing with medications where necessary. From hormones , food and environmental allergy testing, and wellness treatments to aesthetics and weight loss, we work with you to establish and attain your healthiest lifestyle.

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Our Medical Mission


Medical Innovations

We are committed to giving you the very best and latest that technology has to offer to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment that will not only alleviate symptoms but reach the root of the issue to promote healing throughout the body. With the use of vitamins and minerals from natural medicine, along with traditional medical treatment, we can provide your body the tools it needs to heal as naturally as possible.


Medical Team

Our medical team understands that in order to optimize natural health and wellness, two things are necessary:

  1. it is vital to address the cause, not just cover up the symptom, and
  2. in order to achieve this the whole body must be assessed, not just the problem area.

We’re here to help resolve or mitigate existing issues and to offer natural wellness treatments and preventative medicine that will keep the body in balance and safeguarded from future potential ailments.



Find all the medicine and treatment options you need at Madison Wellness and Aesthetic Center. Our team of practitioners does not accept insurance for our visits, but simply charge a reasonable rate of $85 per visit. We got tired of herding patients through our office to keep the lights on so we went all cash so we would have more time to take care of our patients. By the time a patient has paid their copay and receives a bill from insurance for their office visit they are generally paying roughly the same as our cash rate. Insurance can still be used for lab work, medication, and any testing we may order. Payment due at the time of your visit.

Get back to the healthiest & happiest you

To learn more about our integrative approach and schedule a consultation call (256) 722-0555 or submit a contact form and a member of our team will be in touch.

Chad Gilliam - M.M.S., PA-C

M.M.S., PA-C

Chad Gilliam

“I really enjoy helping patients look and feel their very best. I have been practicing medicine as a PA since 2009. In those years I have learned and honed techniques to optimize patients sex hormones, adrenal hormones , and thyroid hormones. I combine these hormone balancing techniques with an approach of seeing my patients as a whole thus allowing me to balance the entire body. By balancing the entire body I am able to prevent diseases like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and much more before they present”

– Chad Gilliam – M.M.S., PA-C

About Chad Gilliam
Dr. Gary Adams - MD


Dr. Gary Adams

“I am committed to helping people feel better and look better while addressing the real problems.”

– Dr. Gary Adams, MD

About Dr. Gary Adams
Dr. Dawn Mancuso - MD


Dr. Dawn Mancuso

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About Dr. Dawn Mancuso
Ashley Woodcock - C.R.N.P.


Ashley Woodcock

Ashley Woodcock, C.R.N.P. is a functional medicine Family Nurse Practitioner, who blends natural and prescription medicine with a focus on preventative medicine. Rather than treating symptoms, she believes in diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of illness and fatigue resulting in patients experiencing optimal health and wellness! Ashley’s areas of expertise are thyroid disorders and medical weight loss.

About Ashley Woodcock