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Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

About Our Virtually Pain Free Laser Hair Removal
The cutting-edge and virtually pain free laser hair removal offered at Madison Family Care and Wellness Center can permanently reduce or eliminate unwanted hair from one or multiple areas on the body and face. If you’re tired of waxing, plucking, shaving, electrolysis, or other tiring methods of removing hair from the body and face, we have the perfect solution. In addition to eliminating or reducing the presence of visible hair on the body and face, laser hair removal can also treat and help to prevent ingrown hairs, a problem often escalated by shaving, especially for those with thick or curly hair.

Our Quanta Aesthetic EVO Light System has modern lasers, including innovative technology that helps to ensure the experience is virtually pain free. Madison Family Care and Wellness Center offers a series of treatments timed to the hair growth cycle for various areas on the body and face to help achieve desired results. You can rest assured that our team uses the best equipment and treatment schedule that is safe for your skin and hair type. We are also able to eliminate or reduce your hair in the fewest possible treatments and in the most cost-effective manner.

Affordable treatments plans and options are available, contact us today to learn more by calling (256) 722-0555 or clicking here to visit our online store and learn more about our Virtually Pain Free Laser Hair Removal Packages.

Retire the Razor | Guarantee Plan
Our Quanta Aesthetic EVO Light System Laser is safe, virtually pain free, and extremely effective for ALL skin and hair types anywhere on the face and body. This cutting-edge technology will help to remove unwanted hair and ensure that it does not return. We are currently offering a GUARANTEE PLAN: a package of 6 treatments that take place once every 4 weeks. This plan guarantees your treatment with one year of FREE touch-ups and over 85% permanent hair removal in only 6 treatments.

For best results, patients must abstain from excessive sun exposure before treatments. Patients MUST arrive cleanly shaven with numb cream applied to treatment area at least one hour prior to treatment. Note: There will be a $50 charge for shaving or applying numb cream if patient arrives unprepared, numb cream can be purchased at your local pharmacy. In addition, patients will not be permitted to pluck, tweeze, or wax during or after treatments as this contraindicates the treatments and stages of hair growth.

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Small Area Packages

- Between the eyebrows
- Breast
- Feet
- Sternum
- Cheek
- Hands
- Bikini line
- Underarms
- Upper lip
- Chin

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Medium Area Packages

- Brazilian
- Full face
- Abdomen
- Buttocks
- Forearms
- Upper arms
- Lower legs
- Shoulders
- Male chest

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Large Area Packages

- Entire legs
- Entire arms
- Male chest and abdomen
- Full back, excluding shoulders

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