Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a topic often shrouded in secrecy and embarrassment. It’s a sensitive subject, and many men suffer in silence. Thanks to recent advancements in medical science, however, there are new treatments available that can help men overcome ED. One of these treatments is the P Shot.
The P Shot, or Priapus Shot®, is a minimally invasive procedure that uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to improve blood flow to the penis and address the underlying causes of ED.  PRP is a natural substance that is derived from your own blood, so there are no synthetic drugs or chemicals involved. And because PRP is injected directly into the penis, it is a much less invasive treatment than other options.

How Does the P Shot Work?

The P Shot works by using your body’s own natural healing process to improve blood flow to the penis. PRP contains growth factors that promote the healing of wounds and tissue regeneration. When injected into the penis, these growth factors help to increase blood flow and improve erections. 

PRP injections have been used successfully to treat other conditions, such as joint pain, tendonitis, and sports injuries. The P Shot is a new application of this tried-and-true technology. 

At your consultation, your doctor will take a sample of your blood and send it to the lab, where it is put into a centrifuge that will divide the blood platelets to create a high concentration of platelet-rich plasma. A numbing cream and topical anesthesia will be applied to the treatment area, and 4-5 injections will be administered. You will be given a penis pump to increase blood flow and ensure the PRP is working.

Is the P Shot Safe?

Because PRP is derived from your own blood, there is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection. And because the injection is given by a trained professional, there is minimal risk of side effects. Some men may experience temporary bruising or mild discomfort after the injection, but these side effects typically resolve quickly on their own.

What Are the Benefits of the P Shot?

The most obvious benefit of the P Shot is an improvement in erections. But because improved blood flow also leads to increased sensation and pleasure, many men also report an overall improvement in their sexual experience after receiving the shots. The P shot has also been shown to improve or completely resolve Peyronie’s disease. Best of all, you can notice immediate results that last up to two years! 

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